Arthritis Testimonials

“I had arthritis, stiffness in all my joints, hand and shoulder pain as well as hip pain prior to being under regular Principled Chiropractic Care. Now, after regular care, I feel 100% better. I have more grip in my hands, I am not as tired and have more energy. My back feels better every day. You just don’t realize how bad you feel over the years and just compensate for that pain. The doctors and team are very cordial and professional.”


“I was on medications for elevated blood pressure; I was taking expectorants for mucus build up in my throat; I had a lot of trouble sleeping from hip pain; I have arthritis and suffer daily; I have varicose veins and swelling in my ankles. Since beginning Principled Chiropractic care, I feel much better. I have dropped the expectorant and have no apparent symptoms; my blood pressure is down and is staying without the medications; my hip pain has diminished. So excited to feel better and be better!”


“I was feeling tired and stressed out with my arthritis, elbow and low back pain. Now I feel less stressed with less fatigue. My experience with Principled Chiropractic has been very well and I feel good with the doctors. I think I have made many changes!”


“I was in great deal of pain in my upper back and neck before finding Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care. I was also struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis, bursitis, and long menstrual cycles. Now I feel completely different! I still have some pain, but it is more from the activities I am now able to do! After beginning consisting Principled Chiropractic care, I have a lighter menstrual cycle that is short and no bursitis in my elbows and hips. I have better general health! I look forward to my appointments and it never takes very long! My life has greatly improved!”