Back Pain Testimonials

“Prior to receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, my back was always sore, I had shoulder pain, neck pain and poor hearing in addition to getting mad easily. Since I have been under regular Chiropractic care, I feel so much better now. My shoulder pain is totally better; I am experiencing a lot of improvements with my neck pain and poor hearing. I am even calmer now! My experience with regular, Principled Chiropractic Care has been great and I recommend it to anyone! The staff is great and they help out a lot!”


“I was suffering from back pain quite often and felt tense all the time. But now I feel so much better, my back doesn’t hurt like it did before. Personally, this was a new experience for me. I would like to thank the doctors and the team for their help!”


“I was feeling skeptical about my ongoing condition and worried about the lengths I would have to go to gain full strength in my back, lower back, hip and left foot. Since being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, I am feeling confident about my ability to seek ongoing Chiropractic Care and am confident in the education I have received to train our bodies through the adjustments to function the way God intended! Now I have clarity of mind, my thoughts are more at peace and less anxious! Specific, Scientific Chiropractic is great! The doctors and staff are encouraging with an environment that strengthens those through Chiropractic care; and are faithful in using their gifts and talents to honor God in all that they do!”


“I used to slouch a lot because my back was hurting me and I walked with a slouch also. Since being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, I don’t slouch anymore and my back feels so much better and my mom doesn’t have to constantly tell me to sit up and stop slouching! Thanks so much!”


“I suffered from a severe condition of my entire back that I had achieved treatment where I could be on a regular, monthly maintenance program. Due to a move and no facility for my treatment, it had been 2 ½ years since I had any treatment. After being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, with my first adjustment, I had some feeling in my left foot and toes. The foot had been completely numb for several weeks. I also had some relief from pain in my neck. I still have a long way to go to achieve maintenance again!”


“Before receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I could hardly straighten my back. I had a hard time getting a good night’s rest. I could hardly turn my head because my neck was so stiff. Since I have been receiving consistent Chiropractic care, I feel so much better! The damage that I have done to my back over the years playing hockey has been corrected for the most part. I can lift again without experiencing back and shoulder pain. My experience has been a joy! Without telling the Doctors, I can walk into the office and they can find where I am experiencing pain and correct it right away!”


“Prior to receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I was not feeling very good. I had a lot of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and tailbone pain. After regular, Principled Chiropractic Care I feel much better with much less pain. My overall health is for the better, no colds or sinus infections since June 2012. I feel better and want to keep improving. The doctors have been very friendly and have a professional staff! Everyone here is awesome! Thanks – I knew I needed other options. I am so glad I started Chiropractic Care!”


“I was experiencing chronic neck stiffness, back and hip problems. Over the last four months, the doctors have concentrated on all of these problems. Over time, the problems have become less and less and I feel much better. Recently, I pinched a nerve while riding my bike and the doctors have been concentrating on this problem. I am quickly coming back around and feeling much better!”


“I was suffering from problems with headaches, depression, back pain, and knee pain before receiving regular Chiropractic care. Now I feel so much better and I can move much easier! My experience with Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care has been amazing! I am so thankful for the care that I have received! I highly recommend Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care over a doctor’s care. Being completely free of ALL of my medications is my goal!”


“I used to feel sore all the time. I had headaches about 2 to 3 times per week, and I was having pain in my shoulders and neck. I also had muscle spasms in my lower back. Since I have been under regular Principled Chiropractic care, I don’t have any headaches or shoulder pain anymore and it’s really rare that I have any neck pain. I haven’t had a muscle spasm in months, either. Everyone here is kind, friendly & helpful. Everyone is always very professional. Regular, Principled Chiropractic Care has made a huge improvement in my health. I would recommend Specific, Scientific Chiropractic to anyone.”