Back Pain Testimonials

“I was in a lot of pain and I got sick at least once a month. After being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, I have a lot less pain and I don’t get sick anymore. I can use my hands a lot more and I can hold things easier. In the past I wasn’t even able to cut meat! Now I can cut mean and I help my elderly father, who just had a stroke. I love being under Principled Chiropractic Care, everyone here is so nice and caring!”


“I had frequent migraines, lower back pain and knee pain before finding Specific, Scientific Chiropractic care. My experience with Principled Chiropractic has been awesome! I feel great now! I get migraines a lot less frequently. Time and Repetition were definitely key to my healing! Thank you so much!”


“I used to experience chronic soreness and a very sharp pain in my neck and lower back. It made it hard to wake up and have motivation. After receiving regular Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I feel so alive! They have changed my life and I feel all around healthier! They accepted me with open arms and I love their family small town feel!”


“I used to have nose bleeds and allergy problems quite frequently. I also had pain in my legs and back and feet. Now that I have regular care, I feel so much better! My allergies are a lot better, I have fewer nose bleeds, and my back and legs feel a lot better too! I FEEL GREAT!! Principled Chiropractic is great and I love the great family environment! I just like coming to get adjusted!”


“It was always a challenge to even get out of bed. My back was always sore, and I was in too much pain to walk anymore. Since being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, I have been able to return to work as a mover, I am able to bend over, walk lengthy distances, and have been able to regain my life. My experience has been phenomenal to say the least. The staff is caring, warm hearted and always happy to see me. Thank you!”


“I would get dizzy spells when I would sit or stand for long periods of time. I also had a lot of neck pain and lower back pain. I couldn’t walk or work out. Now that I have regular Principled Chiropractic care, I can’t even remember my last dizzy spell; my neck and lower back only hurt over excessive sitting, and I don’t have pain after walking anymore. Everyone here is so kind. They all understand what I am going through and they take great care of me! I am very happy with my results!”


“My knees would hurt constantly, my back hurt whenever I stood up for very long, and my ankles hurt whenever I bent them. Now after 2 months of Principled Chiropractic Care, my knees feel a lot better, my back huts less and my ankles are all better. Everyone is so nice in the office and they always let you know what is going on!”


“Prior to receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I was having a lot of hip pain and back pain. Those pains are a lot better now. When I wake up I am not having the same hip and back pains! I love the staff and that they are always friendly and happy to be here!”


“Before receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, my lower back always ached. I worked law enforcement for 14 years and my back was really taking the brunt of my job. After a few months of regular Principled Chiropractic Adjustments, my lower back feels great! I feel great too! Thank You!”


“I tweaked my back raft guiding during the previous summer and had a lingering back pain before receiving Principled Chiropractic care. After consistent care, my back pain is completely gone! I have also been sleeping much better and have experienced a decrease in nasal congestion. The team is awesome! They are super friendly and compassionate and are very professional! Thank you for all your hard work!”