Hand Pain Testimonials

“I used to be in a lot of pain and I got sick at least once a month. After being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, I have a lot less pain and I don’t get sick anymore. I can use my hands a lot more and I can hold things easier. In the past I wasn’t even able to cut meat! Now I can cut meat and I help my elderly father, who just had a stroke. I love being under Principled Chiropractic Care, everyone here is so nice and caring!”


“Prior to receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I felt anxious, depressed, had constant pain in my left arm from my wrist to my collarbone. I constantly woke up with my left hand numb from an old neck injury I didn’t even know I had-the doctors found this after my Specific and in Depth Analysis. Originally I was looking for an instant fix for my arm and hand pain and numbness. I very much appreciate that this is not what happened to me. After a thorough evaluation, I have come to a deeper understanding of the need for Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Adjustments. I am now able to be a lot more active; I swim, walk and do karate without constant pain, numbness, fatigue and stiffness. I love the prompt and sympathetic care I receive with every visit. I am so grateful to have much less pain and numbness. Thank you to all the staff for helping me make an improvement in my quality of life!”


“I suffered from terrible arthritis, stiffness in all my joints, hand and shoulder pain as well as hip pain prior to being under regular Principled Chiropractic Care. Now, after regular care, I feel 100% better. I have more grip in my hands. I am not as tired and have more energy. My back feels better every day. You just don’t realize how bad you feel over the years and just compensate for that pain. The doctors and team are very cordial and professional. They know their business and what to look for!”


“I suffered from soreness in my hands and numbness in my wrists for a long period of time. My whole body felt sore and stiff. Since being under consistent Chiropractic care, my flexibility and agility are greatly improved. Rarely are my wrists numb and my hands feel great. I enjoy the professionalism and the friendly attitude of the doctors and team!”


“Prior to receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I used to feel sore with low energy. In addition, I suffered from shoulder pain, tingling in my hands, hip pain and neck stiffness. Since being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, my shoulder pain and tingling are no longer present. The pain I have been experiencing has decreased and my general movement has greatly improved! After my adjustments I feel much better with more energy! The doctors and team are wonderful! I always feel welcome!"


“I used to have a ganglion cyst in my left arm that caused extreme amounts of pain. This was my last resort before chopping it off or having another surgery. I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. Since being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, I no longer have pain in my arm. I still have my bumpy friend but I can do the things I used to love without any more pain. The doctors have been so wonderful and kind. They explained thoroughly the process and improved that I had! I would recommend Principled Chiropractic to people who don’t know what else to do! Stop suffering and fix it. I have already recommended two friends and they love it!”