Heart Burn Testimonials

“Before receiving Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I had a lot of Lower Back Pain, Allergies, and I had Heart Burn Every Day. Since getting adjusted, my lower back already feels much better. I can get out of bed without hurting. My allergies have also decreased since my first adjustment. But the most amazing thing for me is that I have not had heartburn since my very first adjustment. It always feels personal and is always a great experience.”


“I was experiencing frequent heart burn and chronic tendonitis in my shoulder. I had it treated with cortisone shots this spring – but it came back. Since I started receiving regular Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I have no pain in my shoulder and I have only had one mild bout of heart burn. I feel better after a visit and always feel welcomed by the team in the office! Being under Regular Specific, Scientific Chiropractic has been good for my whole family!”