We Can Help

At Cardinal Chiropractic, we serve a variety of people with varying health conditions. With our thorough Chiropractic assessment, we are able to locate the cause of your health concerns, restoring you and your family to your fullest health potential. Below are some examples of health conditions we see in the office on a regular basis.

Addictions Digestive Issues Neck Pain
Allergies Ear Infections Nosebleeds
Asthma Eye Sight Issues Numbness and Tingling
Attention Deficit Disorder Fatigue Pinched Nerves
Autism Fibromyalgia Pregnancy
Auto Accidents GERD Sciatica
Back Pain Headaches Slipped Disc
Bed Wetting Herniated Discs Stress
Bladder Dysfunction High Blood Pressure Thyroid Troubles
Carpel Tunnel Immunity Issues Ulcers
Colic Infertility Vertigo
Constipation Migraines Whiplash
Cramping Menstrual Issues