Nose Bleed Testimonials

“I used to experience nose bleeds and allergy problems. I also had pain in my legs, back and feet. Since I have been under regular care, I feel so much better! My allergies are a lot better, I have fewer nose bleeds, and my back and legs feel a lot better too! I FEEL GREAT!! Principled Chiropractic is great and I love the great family environment! I just like coming to get adjusted!”


“My knee was always locking up and would make me fall down hard. I always had cold sores and my nose would bleed for no reason. After being under regular, Principled Chiropractic Care, my knee doesn’t lock up much and so far I have had no nose bleeds or cold sores! It has been fun coming to get adjusted! I event want to come in over the weekend and get my weekend soreness out!”