Thyroid Problem Testimonials

“Before Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care, I actually didn’t think there was anything really wrong with me. But, after the complimentary evaluation, I realized I needed help! Now I have more energy that I did before. When I have had colds, they have gone away in 2-3 days instead of 2 weeks, plus I haven’t used ANY medications to ‘fix’ them. I used to be cold all the time and now I am not. Also, my hair isn’t falling out. I think that’s due to the Principled Chiropractic work with my thyroid. I love the friendliness of everyone who works here and their genuine concern for my health. I don’t ever feel like a ‘bother’ or that they don’t have time for me!”


“I had never been to a Chiropractor and knew nothing about Chiropractic Care. I attended a Principled Doctor’s Report and joined my husband who was under Principled Chiropractic Care. I was impressed with the logic of Chiropractic and how it paralleled the preventative care that I believe in. Our society has become a nation of pill takers. Why take a pill to treat a symptom? Why not fix the problem? I look forward to continued visits of Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care and enjoying a journey of good health! My Thyroid and Chronic Fatigue are much improved since beginning care and I am off all of my medications which I found out were the cause of my fatigue. I can also take deeper breaths!”